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First look at the new Tribes game from Prophecy Games (updated)

The new Tribes game from Prophecy Games (official name coming ‘soon’) is about to kick-off large scale playtesting next Wednesday and Thursday (November 29th and 30th), and the official Discord is now publicly available for those interested in trying the game out. As mentioned previously, I have my concerns regarding the project based on the developer’s previous endeavors, however it’s also a stance I want to be proven wrong about.

Along with the Discord launching, a number of screenshots have been posted from previous playtest sessions. It’s important to note that the game is still very early in development, and these screenshots don’t show the latest state of the game, but it does give us a general idea of the style they are going for. I have been told that those interested in playtesting the game will not need a Steam key.

Update: You will indeed need a key to get access to the playtest, and they are limited to 2,000. You can sign up here to maybe receive one.

Visually it’s very similar to Tribes: Ascend, specifically the weapon models and bases. While no specific names were mentioned, apparently some of the Tribes: Ascend developers are involved with the game.

A lot of the core team from TA is still involved in the development for this new TRIBES game, especially on the maps and physics side. I don’t know an exact percentage but the studio is extremely excited about this one, we have a lot of the OG folks who were involved from before.

Prophecy Games

11/25 Update: SteamDB is showing an entry for “Tribes 3: Rivals Playtest”, along with a logo.



  • CB
    CB November 22, 2023

    Will be interesting to see if they can match the popularity of T:A.

  • Prophecy Games
    Prophecy Games November 22, 2023

    Hey, saw your article about our new TRIBES title coming out! Thought it was well written, and it’s the first external post that’s been published about the game. Big milestone for us and felt nice to hit it right before Thanksgiving, kudos to you on the quick scoop.

    Wishing you all the best, and look forward to seeing you in the upcoming playtest! We’ll continue to keep the Discord up to date, so feel free to pull info from there, and as we get closer to an official launch we’d be happy to provide more info as well for the FPS-Z community.

    Prophecy Games Team

  • Fire
    Fire November 23, 2023

    Das me

  • Eddy
    Eddy November 23, 2023

    Very hype to get back into a new Tribes game!

  • Prophecy Games Team
    Prophecy Games Team November 23, 2023

    Link to the TRIBES official Discord, for the latest info on the game and upcoming playtest:

  • Etheralking
    Etheralking November 23, 2023

    Exciting stuff. Can’t help in the playtesting due to stuff but will be keeping en eye open for how things go for sure.

  • superkuh
    superkuh November 25, 2023

    I really hope they’ve learned from the failure of Tribes: Ascend and will make private servers, mods, and user mad maps first class features in the new Tribes game like T1 and T2. Lets not have any more pump and dump weapon of the month microtransactions behavior like hirez did. I want to believe…

  • Erwan G.
    Erwan G. November 26, 2023

    I spend so much time on Tribes Ascend, it is still to this day one of the games I have to most time on with almost 300 hours.

    Very happy to see it back, but seeing how Hi-Rez treated Tribes Ascend (just dropping all development as soon as Smite came out as a better cow to milk), and how MidAir bite the dust, I’m kinda still worried. In another hand, MidAir 2 is in closed Beta, I hope to see some new idea and some competition in this rather niche kind of games.

  • Shazbot
    Shazbot November 26, 2023

    Prophecy Games (a HiRez offshoot) already abandoned their newest game – Starship Deadzone, an Early Access title with an in-game store sporting items up to $40 a pop. They’ve already killed the game off, scaring all free and paid customers. 58% positive review score on Steam.

    Do not buy into their lies. Don’t get your hopes up.

    SATAN November 27, 2023

    Hey Prophecy games devs!
    Old T2 competitive player here. Movement and weapons looks nice!
    I hope you try to go for a bit bigger maps that require more coordination and vehicle gameplay.
    The area where T: Ascend missed the spot (apart from the dumb monetization scheme) was map size and vehicles.

    T2 had the perfect balance. Still the best gameplay I’ve ever experienced.

    ps. plz no hitscan weapons. ;D

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