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Cyber Combat – Eliminate Foes in a Thrilling Ballet of Destruction

Swing, dash, and leap through a relentless storm of bullets and laser beams. Armed with shotguns and explosive firepower, eliminate foes in a thrilling ballet of destruction. Master the power of the grappling hook for unstoppable, spider-like agility. Can you dodge, weave, and strike with precision?

Dash across the battlefield while weaving through a barrage of bullets, swing over your enemies with your hook, choose your prey… and jump for the kill! Inspired by classic shooters such as Doom (2016), Ghostrunner or Turbo Overkill, and by the heart-pumping action of real-life sports, Cyber Combat offers you a minimalistic movement-based shooter combat experience in Tron-like, neon-flashing cyber arenas.

Cyber Combat gives you all the tools to navigate smoothly and swiftly around every level like a deadly spider swinging around, pouncing on your enemies with your powerful weapons, and then jump back to evade their counter-attacks and prepare your next strike! Use the grappling hook and momentum as your best ally to fly around the arena, running on the walls in search of openings to flank your enemies.

Take advantage of your surroundings and terrain to evade your enemies; wreak havoc pushing enemies to crash them on each other, hurting or killing them and creating chaos in the battlefield to your advantage – with physics-based collisions that can create chain reactions, your skills can help you cause pure mayhem!

Movement-based combat

Take advantage of dashing, wallrunning, momentum and your grappling hook to smoothly navigate each arena for both survivability as well as destroying your enemies

Adapt to your enemies

Each enemy requires different strategies to deal with. Some are designed to force you to move in a certain way, or to make you able to move in ways that are impossible without them; others can spawn more enemies


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