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Bear It –  Highly Replayable Roguelite Parkour Movement Shooter 

Bear It is an un-bear-able, fast-paced FPS game that combines classic shooter gameplay with smooth and satisfying parkour movement that lets you beat another level and take down enemies with even greater efficiency.

You play as Mirk the bear, who has just gained self-consciousness and discovered that he has become partly human. Unwilling to accept being a test subject, he sets his sights on freeing himself and escaping from captivity. Will you help him, or you will choose an alternative path, to help your creators reach their goals?

Be evasive, be quick!

Run on a speeding train through parkour sequences! Use parkour on the environment and even on your enemies to traverse the Ark’s platforms quickly and efficiently.

Make diverse builds and plan your strategy!

Modify your character and build your own unique build that will allow you to complete subsequent levels even more effectively. You play as a bear-human chimera that is battle-tested to become a super soldier by additionally mutating genes from other animals. Mix them up to achieve an unbeatable one!

Try, die, and repeat!

Each run is a different approach! You start each game with a clean slate. It’s up to you which path you choose and how you use the experience gained during previous… more or less successful attempts.


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