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Is the original Tribes programmer hinting at another Tribes game?

Mark Frohnmayer was the original lead programmer for both Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2. After leaving Dynamix and co-founding GarageGames in 2000, he worked on the Torque Game Engine and several Torque-powered games, including Marble Blast Gold / Ultra. In 2007 he founded Arcimoto, an electric vehicle company headquartered in Eugene, Oregon before leaving in August of 2022.

Recently he has made some rather intriguing posts on both Facebook and Twitter alluding to ‘tribes:next’. He first posted a link to an old Rock Paper Shotgun article about the Tribes 2 song that Mötley Crüe did.

He then made two other posts referencing Tribes, and reached out to Tycho Brahe of PAX fame saying he has ‘some game ideas’.

Later on Facebook, he posted the following:

Later comments from Mark only add more fuel to the hype:

And that’s where things currently stand. It’s way too early to know if this will result in anything interesting, but nonetheless, it is intriguing. Currently, Prophecy Games is working on their own Tribes game after Hi-Rez Studios let them use the official IP for Starsiege: Raiders and Starsiege: Deadzone. ‘Starsiege Tribes’ is slated for a Q1 2024 release, however, neither Hi-Rez nor Prophecy Games have revealed any details surrounding the game other than a preview image in Starsiege: Deadzone’s menu.

Updated to remove an incorrect attribution regarding someone who commented on his Facebook post.