Ss C92fcb6bfc6964a7b298554d4e6ad429e1d13dac Action PC Shooter

STOP DEAD blends speed, action, and carnage.

Launch yourself across the cityscape to complete missions as fast as possible in this chaotic, skill-based first-person telekinetic brawler. Use your superhuman abilities to pull objects and launch them at high speeds to massacre enemies in a frantic bloody romp. But remember to always keep moving; if you stop, you die.

In the future, sprawling cityscapes cover the planet and AI is everywhere. One rogue AI is hell-bent on destroying its creators and has swept you up in its plans. You may be a controlled cog in its machine but you’re one very destructive super-powered cog.

Inspired by Doom, Portal, and Mirror’s Edge, STOP DEAD blends speed, action, and carnage into a beautiful comic book-inspired cacophony of chaos and fun.