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Setback – Rewind Through Time and Space

Outmaneuver your rivals in Setback, the free-to-play first-person arena shooter featuring weapons endowed with time-manipulating technology. These weapons transform death into “setbacking,” sending a player back in time instead. Engage in various weapons and consumables while competing in dynamic game modes across multiple arenas.

Envision an alternate future where Sci-Tech, a corporation, endorses fierce arena battles that have risen to global prominence. Your proficiency in setbacking, strategic item deployment, and arena navigation will determine whether you emerge from the arena triumphant or defeated. While Sci-Tech may control the game, you control your destiny.


Interested in testing Setback’s alpha, imperfections included? Join the Discord to keep informed about the alpha playtest schedules! Currently, playtests are held every other weekend and during special events.

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