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One Hour And A Straight Line

One Hour And A Straight Line (OHSL) combines Parkour and FPS gameplay with a musical element and a laid-back atmosphere.

Engage in an hour of nonstop parkour, featuring musical guns, wall climbing, and platform construction.

Proceed to the end of the “line” at your own pace. For those seeking a challenge, aim to finish in under an hour to climb the leaderboard.

  • Wall Riding is the primary movement mechanic. You’ll spend 95% of your time wall riding/climbing, with a unique setup that allows full control during the ride.
  • Instead of traditional firearms, you’ll use Musical Guns. Fire in rhythm with the melodies.
  • In Platform Building, you collect blocks using your musical guns, then strategically place them and wall ride to bridge gaps or bypass obstacles, all while boosting your speed.

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