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Ghost Reaper –  “Doom Eternal” combat with “Titanfall” movement

Ghost Reaper is a fast-paced shooter inspired by combining “Doom Eternal” weapons switching combat with “Titanfall” movement mechanics.

Holding the “W” key is not going to cut it in this game. To move fast you are going to use every movement that you are given. “Wall running, Sliding+Jump, Dashing” keep moving, keep dancing.

You will be equipped with some very powerful weapons and each shot is going to take a long cool down, by mastering the art of weapon switch you will become an unstoppable titan.

This is not a mindless shooter game and you will be asked to use each tool for each problem. It’s a fantasy that is earned and not given.

In the future, human technology has become so advanced, they were capable of opening a magical seal, to a portal that seemed to be a magical realm.

What they didn’t know, the magical seal was the last protection from the god who kept and prevented the dark age. Who could have imagined that humans are powerful enough to break the seal. An invasion happened. Not even gods can stop this madness.

Fast forward, gods have fallen and now it is up to humans to stop the dark age.

The chosen one was born and was gifted with power from the last will of gods. It was not a powerful strength, nor lighting speed, but a truly immortal power that can overcome time, space and possibly the future “Return by Death.”


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