Xd06wy Action Beta PC Shooter

Dodge, Shoot, Repeat: Test ‘Hyper Velocity Shooter’ Today

From the developer:

Hyper Velocity Shooter is playable, but many aspects are unfinished or entirely missing. Upon first starting the game, you may experience shader compilation stutter when loading into a new level.

Singleplayer Score Attack FPS: This game focuses on extremely fast movement, with little regard for realism or logic. The emphasis is less on precise aiming and more on dodging attacks from endless waves of enemies.


  • Grappling Hook: [SHIFT key]
  • Double Barrel Auto Shotgun: [Gun #1] with a player-launching alternate fire [RIGHT click]
  • Machine Gun: [Gun #2] with a piercing alternate fire [RIGHT click]
  • Rocket Launcher: [Gun #3] with a special rocket alternate fire [RIGHT click]
    • The special rocket can cause a massive explosion if triggered by a regular rocket explosion or pierce through everything if shot with the piercing shot of the machine gun.
  • Reload: Shotgun and machine gun [R key]
  • Overload: Shotgun and rocket launcher [R key]
  • Crouch: [CTRL]

Work in Progress:

  • Basic enemies are currently represented by capsules, pending final design.
  • Settings menu is not yet implemented.
  • Sound is missing.
  • Tutorial is not yet available.
  • Boss fight mode and level 7 are not functional.
  • Race mode is unfinished.
  • Pause menu stats are broken.
  • Save file format is not final, so updates may wipe save files.
  • Level 0 is non-functional.
  • Additional levels will be added as they are conceptualized.