Ss D3597aefd853f6843e1e31a4fe1ec79820dbbf79 Action PC Platformer

Cyber Rail – Jump, grapple, slide and swing!

Jump, grapple, slide and swing your way through a flying convoy, fending off bandit gangs with a deadly arsenal of unique weapons and upgrades. Challenging, fast-paced parkour mechanics and unique gunplay deliver a roguelike experience unlike any other.

A fine-tuned movement system enables precise and agile movement. With hordes of enemies targeting you from all directions and perilous falls around every corner, a well-timed slide or grapple can mean the difference between life and death.

Face uniquely designed enemies with powerful weapons. Whether you’re cracking skulls with the revolver or mowing down groups with the SMG, there’s always a new way to lay waste to your robotic adversaries.