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‘Midair’, spiritual successor to Tribes, is back. What’s new?

Quick refresher: Midair was originally made by a group of Tribes fans hoping to make a worthy spiritual successor featuring.

BattleCore Arena

BattleCore Arena is a free to play competitive platform shooter where gravity mastery is the key to victory. Use your.


PsychShift is a unique take on the fast and frenetic First-Person Shooter/Parkour formula. With one core mechanic at its center,.

3 New Community Projects To Keep an Eye On

The world of active and populated FPS-Z games is sparse and barren by its nature. It’s a niche sub-genre that.


COASTLINE is a fast paced first person parkour game. With a heavy emphasis on platforming and a bit of soft.

Mind The Abyss

Mind the Abyss is a fast-paced movement shooter that combines fourth-dimensional abilities and ever-evolving weaponry within an alien planet. Steam

LAZERZ – Master the art of hydraulic power movement

Welcome to LAZERZ! The fast paced, free to play movement shooter. Master the art of hydraulic power movement and wall.


DeadBlitZ is a fast paced FPS roguelite set in a futuristic city overrun by zombies and robots. Get aggressive, use.

Spring Dash – Catapult yourself to incredible speeds!

Spring Dash is a nature-themed first-person platformer. Use unique plant-based movement abilities to leap over massive gaps, dodge enemy attacks,.

Haste: Broken Worlds – Race to reach the portal

Haste: Broken Worlds is a fast-paced running game where you race to reach the portal at the end of a.

Bear It –  Highly Replayable Roguelite Parkour Movement Shooter 

Bear It is an un-bear-able, fast-paced FPS game that combines classic shooter gameplay with smooth and satisfying parkour movement that.

Cyber Combat – Eliminate Foes in a Thrilling Ballet of Destruction

Swing, dash, and leap through a relentless storm of bullets and laser beams. Armed with shotguns and explosive firepower, eliminate.

KARLSON – FPS, Parkour, and Slowmo

What happens when you mix an FPS, parkour, slow motion, and… milk? You get KARLSON. This milk-obsessed protagonist is on.

Setback – Rewind Through Time and Space

Outmaneuver your rivals in Setback, the free-to-play first-person arena shooter featuring weapons endowed with time-manipulating technology. These weapons transform death.

One Hour And A Straight Line

One Hour And A Straight Line (OHSL) combines Parkour and FPS gameplay with a musical element and a laid-back atmosphere..

Ghost Reaper –  “Doom Eternal” combat with “Titanfall” movement

Ghost Reaper is a fast-paced shooter inspired by combining “Doom Eternal” weapons switching combat with “Titanfall” movement mechanics. Holding the.

The Harvest – Action-packed hero shooter

Dive into thrilling team conflicts in an action-packed Hero Shooter incorporating unique MOBA elements. Customize your hero combat style with.

Spectrolite – Combine parkouring with powerful abilities

Spectrolite is a unique take on first-person platformers, where you can experience the mix of thrilling atmospheric levels and intense.

RUNR END – Challenging FPP-Platformer [free demo]

RUNR END is a challenging FPP-Platformer set in a dreamish world with secrets to discover. Be careful, don’t be another.

Tribes 3 Enters Steam Early Access – But is it Tribes?

Tribes 3: Rivals has officially entered the Early Access phase on Steam. With a reported 100,000 users adding it to.

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‘Midair’, spiritual successor to Tribes, is back. What’s new?

BattleCore Arena is a free to play competitive platform shooter where gravity mastery is the key to victory. Use your trusted weapons and abilities to eject your opponents out of the arena in style. Glory awaits you, take the plunge!

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